NOTICE: The ILBA Coffee School will not be offering any additional courses for the remainder of 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your Barista Training classes less expensive than others?

ILBA Coffee School concentrates specifically on the most important skills and techniques in barista training and coffee business operations. Our average class size is 8-10 students, our trainers and consultants incorporate group learning, individual coaching, and one-on-one hands on coaching. Our goal is to provide our students with the proper techniques and knowledge to run a successful coffee business. We offer a wide variety of classes that are designed for specific levels of training such as beginning barista trainingadvanced barista trainingcoffee business management training and coffee business marketing and operation. Our 10,000 square foot facility in San Diego, CA is dedicated to all aspects of the coffee industry.

What makes us unique?

ILBA Coffee School's team of consultants and trainers have a wide variety of experience that is essential to a successful coffee businesses. Our state of the art facility offers multiple espresso machines to train on, ranging in price and quality, giving our students a firsthand experience in choosing what machine is best for them. We offer technology that creates a portable pos system to transform the facility into a real life cafe setting for role play. Aside from our excellent corporate team, we are located in sunny San Diego, California. Our location is a once-in-a-lifetime road trip when traveling from the north and our airport is minutes away. Once in San Diego, enjoy our wonderful amenities and attractions of the area.

What separates us from our competitors?

ILBA Coffee School is affiliated with three other companies in the coffee industry creating a one-stop shop for you and your business development. Our industry knowledge in the areas of coffee carts/kiosksfabricationdesign and layoutroasting, marketing, financing and coffee product knowledge paired with our coffee school training team will provide all the answers and support you need when starting your new business. To see all of our companies visit Coffee Shop Experts.

Will your coffee school help me decide if coffee is the right business for me?

YES, business training will prepare you for what business application best fits you and provide you with the experience needed in order to make educated business decisions about your future coffee business and products. You will have a great time at our facility learning and understanding the fundamentals of drink preparation, operations, and the industry. After training on multiple manufacturers of equipment you will be able to make decisions on what will be best for you and your business based on your product selection, location, and investment.

What classes should I take if I am new to the business?

At a bare minimum we suggest taking The introduction to coffee barista training, this is a 3 day course and you will learn the fundamentals and basics of making espresso based drinks, go on a roasting tour, coffee cupping, and smoothie recipes. If this is your first business we would suggest the 5 day course and one additional day of personal consulting and development of your menu, recipes, systems and business training specifically for your application. If you are an existing coffee business owner; we suggest the advanced barista training course focusing on ways to improve your current coffee business.

How many coffee businesses have you started?

ILBA Coffee School and its team have started hundreds of coffee businesses worldwide since 2002. They have worked with some of the largest companies in the industry and assisted hundreds of first time business owners in successfully opening their first coffee business. Our coffee business owners are everyday people, seasoned entrepreneurs and professional baristas. Our team consists of multiple trainers and consultants, design and layout specialists, product specialists and project managers, together we can assist you with every facet of the coffee business.

How large are the classes?

Class sizes generally range from 8-10 people per training class. For our roasting workshops we don't accept more than 4 people so you get full attention and one-on-one training. ILBA Coffee School sets actual class sizes based on the specific class offered. Larger classes may be accommodated by request.

Does ILBA Coffee School provide lunch or breakfast for students?

During your training you will receive pastries and all the coffee you can drink! Local eateries offer a complete choice of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner and are minutes away from our facility. At noon you will break for lunch and have an hour to take advantage of the local businesses that we provide full directions to.

Does ILBA Coffee School provide ongoing support or answer follow up questions when the class is complete?

At Ivy League Barista College our students build lasting relationships with their trainers and consultants. Our team is always available for additional consulting needs or questions.

What if I need to cancel?

Our Cancelation Policy

Payments are non refundable. If you are unable to attend your scheduled course you may send another student in your place. Should you need to reschedule your session, you must do so 30 days prior to your original scheduled session.

Terms and Conditions

ILBA Coffee School wants every customer to have an enjoyable purchasing experience. Because of the need to special order equipment, product and coffee carts. Sales on coffee carts, awnings, espresso machines, brewing equipment, roasted coffee, grinders, and coffee flavors and powders are final. All product and equipment must ship within 60 days of sales order date. If customer cannot except shipment of equipment within 60 days of order, a 5% storage fee will be charged on the first of every month thereafter. Signed sales orders cannot be changed or altered. Orders ship for free for MOST commercial addresses. If you have questions on any terms and conditions please ask prior to placing your order.

ILBA Coffee School and its representatives are in no way responsible for the future operations of the Business and cannot be held liable for matters concerning the business. ILBA Coffee School and its representatives are in no way responsible for loss of business, death or injury due to the coffee shop or drive-thru failure, further equipment failure, delay in shipping or delivery of the espresso cart(s), equipment or any of their components.